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Seafood Trubus (Kelapa Dua, Karawaci)

Addres : Jl. Danau Klp. Dua Raya Blok N. IX No.3, Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810

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Price : 100.000 - 200.000 (for 3-4 people)

The Place

This place is an open air and open kitchen restaurant concept, using huge tent to create/cover all of the place. This kind of restaurant is very common in Indonesia, It's like the concept of street food vendor but much more bigger. Even in open air, this restaurant is really clean and tidy, so you can enjoy the food very well in here.

The Menu

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Like other seafood street vendor, they serve crab, variety of fish, squid, variety of clams.

Food Review

First menu is Mussels with Padang Sauce. You know what ? These dish taste really is good and yummy. The sauce is tasty, it's super spicy, salty, savory, and sweet. For me that's a hint of a good padang sauce. The mussels it self it's really cook to the perfection and also fresh. Before they cook it with the sauce, they deep fried the mussels first just a couple minute, it's added crispy texture to the mussels and combined it with the sauce. Just like in heaven !!!! Overall score (4/5)

Second dish is Stir fry squid with sweet and sour sauce. This is really is tasty and yummy, the squid is firm and not chewy at all because it's fresh and cook to perfection. The sauce is bold and rich in flavor. I think the sweet and sour flavor comes from the tomato ketchup based sauce. Beside sauce, they put a lot of onion and spring onion in the sauce, so it's give slightly crunch and aromatic texture to the dish. Overall score (4/5)

The last dish is the classic, Fish BBQ. I always order fish BBQ on every seafood restaurant that I visited. For the fish I chose Pompano fish (or our local says ikan Kuwe).  The BBQ just taste really great. the marinated it's not too strong, so we can taste the flavor of the fish really well. The meat it's really juicy because they cook it just on the right timing, so it's not overcooked. This BBQ com with free raw vegetable (lalapan) and sambal. Overall score (4/5)

I'm really satisfied with this restaurant. All he seafood is great and fresh, the place clean and good, and of course the price just right on the spot. I will get back to this restaurant to taste another great dish.


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